Welcome to Star Ship Pilot

This site is (still) under-reconstruction.  Much work to do over the fall and winter to come.   Currently the main focus is on adding photo albums of our recent trips.

Why this domain name and what’s with the three lines above?

Why starshippilot?   Two reasons…One is that it was available many years ago.  The second and main reason is that I have been a fan of science fiction since I read “The High Crusade” by Poul Anderson when I was a pre-teen.  The “space operas  of the late 50s - 60s have always been my favorites along with more recent series by Elizabeth Moon, David Drake and most recently John Scalzi

But of all the writters, Robert Heilein is among the all time greats.  He made me want to “walk ‘The Glory Road’” to strange planets with aliens, dragons and star ships.

So to all with imagination, join me in a journey to a galaxy far far away.

Speaking of Photos,  here are some of my favorites...

If you need to contact me about my site or the photos here in, send email to the webmaster at starshippilot.com.

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